Training Monferrato 1

FPTp Monferrato 1 • October 2013 - June 2017

Authorized by AIIMF (Associazione Italiana Insegnati Metodo Feldenkrais) and by Euro-TAB.



Dr. Fusero holds degrees in physioterapy; she's a psychologist and a Feldenkrais Practitioner since 1988. She will be present throughout the Training Program, assisting the Trainers to ensure didactic continuity and collaborating to the students' learning process. Between the segments she runs study-groups and supervision sessions, devoted to specific needs of the Trainees.


  • Ulrike Apel (Germania)
  • Livia Calice (Austria)
  • Anna Maria Caponecchi
  • Mara Della Pergola
  • Mara Fusero
  • Steve Rosenholtz (USA)



1° Year
I SEGMENT 26th October – 3rd November 2013 Mara Fusero
II SEGMENT 6th-8th December 2013 Mara Fusero
III SEGMENT 19th-27th April 2014 Steve Rosenholtz
IV SEGMENT 14th-23rd June 2014 Mara Fusero
V SEGMENT 1st-14th September 2014 Anna Maria Caponecchi
2° Year
I SEGMENT 29th November-8th December 2014 Mara Fusero
II SEGMENT 28th March-6th April 2015 Mara Della Pergola
III SEGMENT 13th-21st June 2015 Mara Fusero
IV SEGMENT 15th-30th August 2015 Steve Rosenholtz
3° Year
I SEGMENT 28th November-8th December 2015 Mara Fusero
II SEGMENT 19th-28th March 2016 Mara Fusero
III SEGMENT 18th-26th June 2016 Mara Fusero
IV SEGMENT 29th August-11th September 2016 Ulrike Apel
4° Year
I SEGMENT 3rd-10th December 2016 Mara Della Pergola
II SEGMENT 18th-26th February 2017 Mara Fusero
III SEGMENT 22nd April-1st May 2017 Mara Fusero
IV SEGMENT 10th-25th June 2017 Mara Fusero


euro 3.300,00 (VAT not included)

The fee is comprehensive of the recording of the lessons in mp3 format.
It does not comprehend board and lodging.
Lessons will be held in ITALIAN.


All the segments will be held in Vignale Monferrato (AL).
It will be possible to stay at B&B Cà Poggio and, alternatively, Vignale offers a lot of solutions for the accommodation.
We will give you contacts and information.

Download PDF schedule “How to reach Vignale Monferrato”

Vignale Monferrato

The landscape of Monferrato, a land of vineyards and castles, stirs up strong feelings in the people who visit it for the first time.
The fresh local farm produces, the delicious local wines, the rivers and streams, the rolling hills with vineyards and small medieval villages with castles and churches, spared by the packaged tourism, offer to the visitors a genuine and relaxing Italian lifestyle, a tangible experience of "bella vita".
In San Bernardo region, far from the city noise, there is Ca’ Poggio. Old building of the typical tradition of Monferrato, it has been restored in full respect of its ancient rural spirit and offers many facilities, including the bright and comfortable gym in which the training will take place.
In Vignale Monferrato, which lies 2.5 km from our farm, you can find all the essential services: cafés, restaurants, newsstands, banks, post office, tobacconist’s shops, pharmacy, winery and wineries.

Vignale Monferrato


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For further information:
Via Pecchio 8 - 20131 Milano
Tel/Fax: +39 02 29409005 
Mara Fusero: +39 335 8205490
Ettore Porcari: +39 339 7171937

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

What I am interested in is not the flexibility of the body
but the flexibility of the mind

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