Pelvic floor

Feldenkrais Method Workshop with Mara Fusero

The pelvic floor has a particularly important function in our bodies. It closes, opens, receives, supports, carries, eliminates, protects... most often in a quiet and imperceptible way. Its role is essential for several basic vital functions; pelvic floor muscles cooperate with other groups of muscles when they support our hips, spine, and abdominal cavity organs. Our body is an integrated system – the way we use the pelvic floor is inextricably linked to our movement and functioning, posture, balance, quality of breathing, voice and expression, sex etc. Nowadays, more and more pathologies are connected to this body part; this goes for both men and women. The pelvic floor is often a neglected area. However, its good functioning is crucial for the balance of the entire psycho-physical system.

The workshop will be of a practical and empirical nature, and will be carried out in the form of somatic learning (Awareness through Movement) lessons. This will enable us to explore and learn how to feel our pelvis and pelvic floor muscles in different positions, connected to every day movement, along with their function.

We will closely examine the anatomy of the pelvic floor, the structure of pelvis, and its connectedness with other parts of the body. Deeply engaging in body awareness and experiential anatomy, we will try to understand and differentiate the functioning of all pelvic floor layers and sphincters. Finally, all the new feelings and knowledge will be integrated in a dynamic functioning of the entire body.

The workshop will be held by Mara Fusero, Ph.D., Feldenkrais Trainer, a physiotherapist and psychologist, with several decades of experience in teaching the Feldenkrais Method. The internationally renowned physiotherapist is also the educational director of the Feldenkrais Method educational programmes in Italy and Spain.

Who is the workshop for?

  • For all of you who would like to improve and explore your movement, and become aware of its connectedness with other vital processes, mental and emotional patterns, and deepen the awareness of yourself and your movement.

  • For all who work in the field of health and education (physiotherapists, psychologists, healthcare staff, speech therapists, teachers, kinesiologists, gynaecologists…).

  • For those whose activity is related to body expression, and/or demands persistence in specific body positions of long duration (dancers, actors, musicians, martial artists, sitting professions…).

  • For sportsmen wanting to achieve higher functionality of their bodies with less strain.

  • For those who suffer from backache or general pain.

  • For those having locomotor disabilities.

  • For all who have pelvic-floor-related problems (incontinence, prostate dysfunction, sexual dysfunction, uterus prolapse…).

The workshop will be held in English!

Nova Gorica (Kromberk, Ulica Vinka Vodopivca 90)

Saturday, April 1, 14:00–19:30
Sunday, April 2, 10:00–15:30


  • for 2 days (10 hours, Saturday and Sunday): 140 EUR (registration and payment by 15/03/2017); 160 EUR (registration and payment after 15/03/2017)
  • 1 day (5 hours, Saturday or Sunday): 85 EUR

The contents of workshops of each individual day will be varied. However, they will be upgraded and complemented, so we recommend you attend it for two days. Nonetheless, the workshop will be carried out in such a way that even a single-day attendance will make a wholesome experience.

Registration and information

Mateja Kodermac
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